Valerie has been painting all her life. From an early age she started painting on china and later developed an interest in pottery and furniture restoration for over 20 years. She lives in the countryside of Albany in WA where she works and teaches.


Valerie was born in Basel, Switzerland, where she was educated and spent her childhood. When she was quite young, she always loved to draw and paint. At the age of 12, she started to paint on china. Later in her life, while staying in Indonesia for 3 months, she adopted new mediums such as batik and painting on silk. In Solo and Jog Jakarta she had the opportunity to be taught by gifted masters.

When she came to Australia 22 years ago, she was fascinated by the space, light and colours of this beautiful continent, which evoked in her the inspiration and sensation of converting a shimmering mass of silk into vivid, vibrant and luminous colours. Painting on silk became her passion and is giving her much pleasure and satisfaction. And until now she has never put down her brush.

Solo Exhibitions

  • Inside out Design, Armadale, WA
  • Little Gecko Cafe/ Gallery, Balingup, WA
  • Vancouver Cafe/ Gallery, Albany, WA
  • Balingup Goldsmith, Balingup, WA
  • Gallery Werdenberg, Hochwald, Switzerland

Group Exhibitions

  • Burswood Hotel, Perth,WA
  • Arts, Denmark, WA
  • Town Hall, Albany, WA
  • Phillips Brook Winery, Redmond, WA
  • Torbay Glass, Torbay, WA
  • Kaleidoscope, Albany, WA